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I am new to Matlab and facing few issues in the following code:
1) I need to plot the graphs with varying the values of G. #1 for G=1.4, Molecular_Weight=28.97 ; #2 G=1., Molecular_Weight=28 ; #3 G=1.4 Molecular_Weight = 1.66 Can you please let me know the simplest way to do it, so I get the results in the same plot.
2) The current spacing between the plots is too less, what can I do to increase the spacings.
Thank you in advance! Your help would mean a lot to me.

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Jithin Nambiar J
Jithin Nambiar J 2021년 4월 11일
The line figure you've entered before subplot(3,2,5) is used to open a new figure window.
Just comment or remove the line figure to solve your problem.
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Saumya Nagar 17BME0447
Saumya Nagar 17BME0447 2021년 4월 18일
Thanks a lot

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