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How do you get the handles of a table from another GUI?

Cordelle 님이 질문을 제출함. 19 Jun 2013
I have two GUI's, we can call them GUI A and GUI B. In GUI B i would like to call for the handles of a table in GUI A. We can call the table in GUI A uitableA and the table in GUI B is called uitableB.
Any help will be greatly appreciated

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Sean de Wolski 님의 답변 19 Jun 2013

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I looked at the link you provided hours ago and I still dont know how to pass the data. Do you mine giving me a brief example?
Are you using GUIDE?
If so, it's kind of hard to give an example because you would need the files themselves.
Give this a try:
If you'd still like to see an example, send me an email.

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