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how to create customized curve ( only know the shape )

Yuji Zhang 님이 질문을 제출함. 18 Jun 2013
최근 활동 Viktor Tzivnev 님이 편집함. 24 Jun 2019
Hi everyone~
I wanna turn couple curves (see pic above) into data in matlab. There are weird functions. All I have is the plots.
It's OK if I can just get some data that looks similar to those curves.
Is there a way to create such customized data? Any imaging processing tool to turn pictures of plots into data?
Let me know. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks~

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Answer by bym
on 18 Jun 2013

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Hi Proecsm!
Thanks for sharing! It worked pretty nicely!
Just curious about a further question: is there something that can automatically recognize the curve in the image? I think it's an image processing question - I'm not very familiar...
Let me know. Any discussion's appreciated~

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Answer by Pourya Alinezhad on 18 Jun 2013

yes...there is a programme which accepts images and returned data... named "data_from_graph_1v0" it's about 300kb and i can mail it to u...

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Hi Pourya~
It's so nice of you to offer! Could you please mail it to
proecsm recommended the code It worked. But still I wanna take a look at a different code - maybe a different approach.
Thanks a lot~
gmail dosn't accept .exe files as attachments... give me an other email address... not hosted by gmail ... this is a full application and just for the purpose you mentioned.

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Answer by Viktor Tzivnev on 24 Jun 2019
Edited by Viktor Tzivnev on 24 Jun 2019

Hi Pourya,
I'm stuck with the same Problem as Yuiji, could you please send me tha programm as well at This will be awesome!
Thanks a lot!

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