Error using plot, vectors must have the same length

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Mostafa Moradi
Mostafa Moradi 2021년 3월 28일
댓글: darova 2021년 3월 29일
I get the error
error using plot
"Vectors must be the same length"
when I run this code
F= 200 ; V=10 ; Q=1 ; k=0.1 ;
t(1)= 0;
c(1)= 0;
Y= @(t,c) F/V-Q.*c/V-k.*c.^2;
for i= 1:200
t(i+1)= t(i)+h;
k1= c(i);
k2= c(i)+0.5*k1*h;
k3= c(i)+0.5*k2*h;
k4= c(i)+k3*h;
c(i+1)= c(i)+h*(k1+2*k2+2*k3+k4)/6;
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darova 2021년 3월 29일
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Sergio Yanez-Pagans
Sergio Yanez-Pagans 2021년 3월 28일
Just check the sizes of t and c. You can check this on the variable window or on the command window as follows:
size(t) % will show dimensions for t
size(c) % will show dimensions for c
Plot requires a 1-on-1 correspondence, so for example, if t is 1x10, c MUST be 1x10
Hope you find this useful!

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