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Cannot parse function hints

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Dingquan Yu
Dingquan Yu 26 Mar 2021
답변: Arthur Goldsipe 26 Mar 2021
Hello all,
When I'm scripting, Matlab shows the failures to parse function hints and reference pages as shown below. Any adivice please?
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Dingquan Yu
Dingquan Yu 26 Mar 2021
My internet connection is functioning so have I signed on my Matlab desktop

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Arthur Goldsipe
Arthur Goldsipe 26 Mar 2021
When I do something similar in my installation of MATLAB version R2021a, I get a little popup that says "No completions found". That's what I would expect for this specific case, because there isn't really much you could type after the "(".
To really help you, I think we'd need quite a bit more information. (Basically, we need to figure out how to reproduce the problem to understand what might be causing it.) If that's what you'd like to do, please share the following:
  • What version of MATLAB are you running?
  • What's the output of the "ver" command?
  • Do you have documentation installed?
  • Can you provide more examples of when you run into this problem? Is it just with SimBiology objects? Or generally in MATLAB?





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