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can't use KummerU function

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Daniel 5 Jun 2013
Hi, When I try to use builtin kummerU function, it gives me "Undefined function 'kummerU' for input arguments of type 'double'." Needed package is installed, and I don't understand why can't the function use real number instead of complex with zero imaginary part.

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Friedrich 5 Jun 2013
편집: Stephen Cobeldick 15 Jan 2016
kummerU is a Symbolic Math Toolbox function, so you can't simply call:
>> kummerU(1/3, 2.0, -50)
Undefined function 'kummerU' for input arguments of type 'double'.
You have to call:
>> evalin(symengine,'kummerU(1/3, 2.0, -50)')
ans =
0.13511493810668281560142994786047 - 0.23402593766229884316074691432347*i
Or use feval:
>> feval(symengine,'kummerU',1/3, '2.0', -50)
ans =
0.13511493810668281560142994786047 - 0.23402593766229884316074691432347*i
I used '2.0' in order to get a floating-point value otherwise you would get:
>> feval(symengine,'kummerU',1/3, 2.0, -50)
ans =
kummerU(1/3, 2, -50)
This is explained here:
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Friedrich 9 Jul 2013
it seems like you compiled your MATLAB code into a generic CTF? Is this correct? If so, Symbolic Math TB functions can't be compiled.

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