how do I import date from .xls where cell contains numbers and letters

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I am trying to import a .xls data file using [num, txt] = xlsread(filename);. I got the file to import giving me a number file and a text file. The text file includes the dates in format: [10-1-2005 0:05 MDT] all in one cell. I am trying to get the date and time into a datevector so that I can organize and graph the data in fractional years. Anyone know how I can extract the date and time and leave out the time zone?
Thanks in advance ryan

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Leah 2013년 6월 4일
try strrep and replace with ''

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Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek 2013년 6월 4일
편집: Azzi Abdelmalek 님. 2013년 6월 4일
s={'10-1-2005 0:05 MDT';'11-1-2005 0:05 MDT'}
s=cellfun(@(x) datenum(strrep(x,'MDT','')),s)
dat=datestr(s,'dd-mm-yyyy HH:MM')


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