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plotting intensity over time

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Jenna 31 May 2013
댓글: Hazmi Mazlaini 20 Jan 2017
I have 135 images, taken one after another. I want to plot the intensity of each pixel (let's say 25 x 25 pixels) as a function of time. How can I do that?

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Thomas 31 May 2013
s=rand(3,3,10); % 10 images of size 3x3 in a 3d matrix s
pixel1(1,:)=s(1,1,:); % pixel 1,1 from each matrix into variable pixel1
plot(pixel1) % plot pixel1
Hope this helps

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 31 May 2013
A plot of 625 curves (one curve for each of the 25 by 25 pixels) showing the pixel intensity as a function of image number (time the photo was taken) won't be very informative because it will be too cluttered. Why don't you take the mean of the 25 by 25 region and then plot only that one curve? Or else make the frames into a movie with the im2frame() function. I have demos for all that if you're interested.

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Hazmi Mazlaini
Hazmi Mazlaini 18 Jan 2017
this code is for the mean value for the whole area of the frames.
can you help me, if i want to plot a graph of the total red intensity over time in just a certain area of the frame?
Image Analyst
Image Analyst 18 Jan 2017
What area? Do you have bounding rows and columns? Or an irregular mask shape?
Hazmi Mazlaini
Hazmi Mazlaini 20 Jan 2017
I have video of a whole face, but only want to plot a graph of total redness in forehead as an example

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