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how to do wavelet transformation in real time?

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Hello i'm using dyadic filter bank and discrete wavelet transformation. in the simulink we have to set the number of level based on the input signal follow the following expiration 2^n ok then how about if the input signal changing in the real time? I mean the input signal is continuously changing in real time? is there any other block can be use for concious analysis?

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Hello, I meet the similar problem as yours. Could you tell me how to do online DWT in Simulink if your problem had been solved? Thank you.

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Answer by Wayne King
on 19 Jun 2019

Hi are you using dsp.DyadicAnalysisFilterBank? In that case the input signal must be a multiple of four along its first dimension. If you have the Wavelet Toolbox, then you can use wavedec() inside of a MATLAB function block. wavedec() is supported for code generation. That will work on an arbitrary length input signal length, however, you can't expect the wavelet and scaling coefficients to be the same length if the input signal is changing length.

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Hi, thank you for your answer. It is quiet useful.
When I use 'wavedec' and 'detcoef' function in simulink, there exists a error like following. But in MATLAB, these codes work well. Could you tell me how to solve this problem?
Thank you.
Did you get the solution for this?? If so post here..

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