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scatter plotting the accelerometer and gyroscope

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Maryam Erfanisayyar
Maryam Erfanisayyar 9 Mar 2021
I have data from accelometer and gyroscope of the wearable sensor. if I want to have scatter plot of this data how can it be? also I have a problem that these signals has different vectors so is it necssery to be adjust them?
the columns of the both data are 4 and they are time x y z axises and all the data is in an excel file


Deepak Meena
Deepak Meena 18 Mar 2021
Since you already have data in xcel file , import the data in MATLAB using import tool. Now you can have the scatter plot for both the data using the scatter3. The size of your two data need not to be same .
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Maryam Erfanisayyar
Maryam Erfanisayyar 23 Mar 2021
ok one more question actully I try different codes to resample the files so both of them has the same length with frequency of 50 Hz but every time I get different length only with different frame. I used upsampling downsampling, now I am confused!!!

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