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Does Matlab provide a formel editor?

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Thomas 21 May 2013
Hello folks,
do you know, if Matlab provides a formel editor? My problem is that i have to type many long formulas (with a lot of brackets) and i always loose the overview. A popup, which converts/images the current row, on which i'm writing, into a writing style, like we use, if we write forumlas by hand, would be great.
I hope you understand what i mean =)
Thanks for answering
Regards Thomas

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Thomas 21 May 2013
I assume you could use the symbolic math toolbox.

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Thomas 21 May 2013
I think that the symbolic math toolbox provides just the operation pretty(). But it's too intricate to use this function to verficate each formula you typed in the script (you would always have to make a function handle-->pretty(@fh) ) ! So i'm looking for something that visualizes your typed formula in a more convenient way. Maybe you just mark your written formula, then push on a button ( e.g from a Matlab extension tool) and Matlab shows you how it would look like (with fraction bars, etc.) in a popup-window.
Iain 21 May 2013
You could just break your excessively long formulae into sections.
eg. prt = pressure * density * temperature
long_expression = prt^prt + exp(prt)...

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