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Read a 55x55 matrix with matlab

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Mélanie Ghysels-Dubois
Mélanie Ghysels-Dubois 2021년 3월 4일
댓글: dpb 2021년 3월 4일
Dear all,
I would like to read in a txt file (see attached document) the 55x55 matrix using matlab.
In the txt file, the matrix appears in a block of 9x6 followed by one line (which then accounts 55 values) . And there are 55 blocks like this.
In fact, this block contains averaging kernel values for the 55 pressure levels of the sounding instrument.
How can I read this gile so I have at the end a matrix called A which has a dimension of 55x55?
Thank you for your help,
Best regards


Akira Agata
Akira Agata 2021년 3월 4일
How about the following?
A = readmatrix('Averaging_kernel_MLS_v04_0N.txt');
A = reshape(A',60,[])';
A = A(:,1:55);
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dpb 2021년 3월 4일
Both end up the same in the end...
>> B=readmatrix('Averaging_kernel_MLS_v04_0N.txt');
>> B=reshape(B.',60,[]).'; B=B(:,1:55);
>> all(A(:)==B(:))
ans =
It's just perhaps a little cleaner w/ textscan. Too bad TMW hasn't added the ability to pass a filename as alternate input besides just a file handle so could avoid having to have the encapsulating fopen...fclose pair.

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