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Jonathan Moorman
Jonathan Moorman 2021년 3월 3일
편집: Mehmed Saad 2021년 3월 3일
Hi. I am user app designer and need to designate different locations (for graphing) based on the loop # and a given starting value.
For example, if num= 3 and w = 1, the coding will go:
for i = 1:num
UserPlot = app.UIAxes(i)_w
Scatter(UserPlot, x , y)
So, the user plot should have results of: app.UIAxes1_1, app.UIAxes2_1, app.UIAxes3_1 after the loop is complete.
How would i write the "UserPlot = ...." line.

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Mehmed Saad
Mehmed Saad 2021년 3월 3일
편집: Mehmed Saad 2021년 3월 3일
x.test_1_se = 10;x.test_2_se = 20;x.test_3_se = 30;
str_val = strcat('test_',string(1:3),'_se');
y = zeros(1,3);
for u = 1:3
y = x.(str_val(u));
check if this approach is helpful.

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