How to programmatically change the label text of a matlab.ui.control.Knob (or other ui.conntrol)

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I have a set of knobs that need to have the label changed depending on what they are controlling. But it seems the label text creates the controls name itself. For example if the knob is labeled "M" then the name is app.MKnob. I want the user to sometimes see the knob called "B" and at other times see it called "M".
There does not seem to be any property to change the label text and I cannot use tlabel = uilabel(app.MKnob) because the uicontrol cannot be a parent.
Seems like there should be s simple way to programmatically change the label that the user sees for a uicontrol.

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Mario Malic
Mario Malic 2021년 2월 22일
Knob component actually consists of two components. If you right click on Component browser, there's an option to include component labels.
app.Knob % the component
app.KnobLabel.Text % returns the text associated with the knob

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