Energy at Frequency how to find out

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Aniket Manjare
Aniket Manjare 2021년 2월 20일
답변: Anmol Dhiman 2021년 2월 25일
i want to know what is the meaning of the last function in this code
features.EnergyAtFreqX(i,:) = sum(signalX_FFT(1:1,2));
what it gives at output
signalX = data.X(i,:);%signal X as temperory variable for operations
features.StdX(i,:) = std(signalX);%Satndard Daviation of Signal X 3rd coummn
signalX = (signalX - mean(data.X(i,:)))/features.StdX(i,:); %Standardization
signalX_FFT = sortrows([f;computeFFT(signalX,L)]',2,'descend');%sortrows(data,column,'accending or decending')
features.FreqX(i,:) = signalX_FFT(1,1);
features.EnergyAtFreqX(i,:) = sum(signalX_FFT(1:1,2));

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Anmol Dhiman
Anmol Dhiman 2021년 2월 25일
Hi Aniket,
From the code it is unclear what 'computeFFT' does. However looking at the code, I can tell that that by using sortrows they are trying to find the frequency with the largest magnitude.
To answer about the last statement, one has to look into how computeFFT is defined.
Hope it helps


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