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How to use an array (saved as a mat file) in my C program?

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HF 2021년 2월 16일
답변: Reshma Nerella 2021년 2월 19일
Hey there, I am trying to figure how to use a apecific array from my mat file. Unfortunately, I am not able to find the header file mat.h in the internet to check if my code it is actually working.
My mat file is called ma.mat and has only array called X(1:1024)
The following is my C-code:
#include "mat.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
int main () {
X = mxArray *matGetVariable(ma *mfp, X *name);


Jemima Pulipati
Jemima Pulipati 2021년 2월 19일
From my understanding, you want to use the MAT file in the C program.
The following documentation links might help you to know more about the usage of MAT files in C/C++ programs.

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