Is it possible to deploy 'Pedestrian Tracking From Moving Camera Example' algorithm into Raspberry PI as standalone device?

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I tried to use Matlab coder.
Firstly, two functions aren't supported for standalone code generation - configureKalmanFilter, peopleDetectorACF.
Is it possible to solve that problem somehow?

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Reeno Joseph
Reeno Joseph 2021년 2월 18일
Hi Jakub,
As you mentioned, the APIs "configureKalmanFilter" & "peopleDetectorACF" are not codegen capable and so you cannot deploy it to Raspberry Pi as a standlaone application. To get a list of all codegen capable APIs please refer "Functions and Objects Supported for C/C++ Code Generation"
Please have a look at some of the vision based Deep Learning examples available in Raspberry Pi support packge.
  1. Identify Objects Within Live Video Using ResNet-50 on Raspberry Pi Hardware
  2. Detect and Track Object Using Deep Learning on Raspberry Pi
Hope this will give you some idea on how to proceed.

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