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nikhil nadgauda
nikhil nadgauda 2021년 2월 12일
댓글: nikhil nadgauda 2021년 2월 12일
Recently i encountered an error while using ros2genmsg .My os is ubuntu 16.04 xenial and matlab version is 2020b.
For reference,

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Cam Salzberger
Cam Salzberger 2021년 2월 12일
편집: Cam Salzberger 2021년 2월 12일
Hello Nikhil,
There are two issues happening here. The first is that there is something stopping some of your root Python libraries from being copied to the Python virtual environment that is being used to build the ROS 2 messages. Unfortunately, whatever is stopping the copying from happening isn't clear because there is an issue using the error message. I'll ensure that this is resolved in future releases.
To resolve the first issue, it's probably best if you contact technical support. There are a lot of reasons that can cause a file copy operation to fail, and most are specific to the system it is on, the folder structure, and file permissions. I would suggest inserting a breakpoint at line 236 there and getting the values of "src", "dest", "status", and "msg". That should give you (and tech support) a better idea of what is going on and why this line:
[status, msg] = copyfile(src,dest,'f');
is failing to copy the files.

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