How can I export a multi level simulink model with its matlab dependencies as well

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Miles McGovern
Miles McGovern 2021년 2월 11일
답변: Pranav Verma 2021년 2월 18일
I am trying to export a simulink example project (Double Lane Change from the Vehicle Dynamics Blockset) so that I can have my own copy and edit it as needed however I have not been able to successfully do so yet any suggestions ?


Pranav Verma
Pranav Verma 2021년 2월 18일
Hi Miles,
From export, I understand that you are trying to export it to some previous version of MATLAB. For this, you can use the Simulink.exportToVersion function in MATLAB.
In case you are trying to save the model with all dependencies to the previous version, you can try out the steps mentioned in the below discussion thread:

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