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How can I add additional images to a neural network such as AlexNet ?

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Apolline Gilles
Apolline Gilles 10 Feb 2021
I am building a code which recognizes what I am placing in front of the camera.
I am using the neural network alexnet.
Nevertheless, I would like this pretrainned network to be able to identify other things then just the images already included in alexnet.
Here is the code I built and it works for recognizing any pictures already in Alexnet.
Is anyone know how can I therefore add some pictures to alexnet and so my code will be able to recognize them if I am placing them in front of my camera ?
Thank you very much in advance !!


Srivardhan Gadila
Srivardhan Gadila 13 Feb 2021
As per my understanding you want the the alexnet network to work on the object categories other than the 1000 object categories it is trained on. You can refer to Get Started with Transfer Learning & Transfer Learning Using AlexNet, replace the final layers accordingly and train the network on the original 1000 object categories plus the new object categories together.

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