How to build an API wrapper?

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milad toolabi
milad toolabi . 2021년 2월 5일
댓글: milad toolabi . 2021년 2월 19일
Hi everyone,
I am very new in programming and so please bear with me.
We have a web app platform where I want to use the user's inputs and import them to a matlab code that I have written. The code will do calculations based on those inputs and then will return some values which then has to go on out web app platform and be shown to the user.
I did a bit of research and correct me if I am wrong but I think I need to write/set up an API wrapper for it. The inputs wil be in text and floating point/real number format.
I will really appreciate it if you could help me in this.

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Abhisek Pradhan
Abhisek Pradhan 2021년 2월 17일
Here is a link answering a similar question.
Apart from passing inputs from a website to MATLAB one can integrate a MATLAB web App to the browser by hoisting it in a MATLAB Web App Server. Refer the following link for more information.
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milad toolabi
milad toolabi 2021년 2월 19일
Many thanks @Abhisek Pradhan. This was really helpful.

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