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Which app is the best for data predictions?

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Alireza Babaei
Alireza Babaei 4 Feb 2021
Dear scholars,
Among the Apps in Matlab (Regression Learner app, Curve Fitting App, Deep Network Designer App, Classifiation Learner App, and ANFIS);
which one is the best one for data prediction?
Considering the fact that I have limited dataset (less than 70 data-sets)


Srivardhan Gadila
Srivardhan Gadila 12 Feb 2021
Based on the above information I think you can start with Regression Learner followed by Neural Net Fitting or Curve Fitting Apps. Because of the limited data it is not recommeded to use Deep Network Designer but you can try it as well. The Classification Learner App can't be used as the objective of it is to classify data and not to make any predictions.

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