Seeking Assistance in Using a GUI to Return Text From A Webpage

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I am currently developing a MATLAB GUI using App Designer. The premise for this app is that users will able to select 1/5 cities using a dropdown menu. After completing their selection, a button next to the dropdown menu will be coded with a callback function that: (PART 1) returns the html code for the city's 7-day forecast in an editable text field below; and (PART 2) returns the text from the forecast in a multiline text area. See the photos below for reference:
This is the code I have for PART 1 and it seems to work fine:
% Button pushed function: SEARCHWEBButton
function SEARCHWEBButtonPushed(app, event)
app.geosearch = app.CityDropDown.Value;
app.TORn = 'Toronto';
app.OTTn = 'Ottawa';
app.MISSn = 'Mississauga';
app.BRMPn = 'Brampton';
app.HMLTn = 'Hamilton';
app.TORu = '';
app.OTTu = '';
app.MISSu = '';
app.BRMPu = '';
app.HMLTu = '';
% Concatenate City Names & URLs
app.CityName = {app.TORn;app.OTTn;app.MISSn;app.BRMPn;app.HMLTn};
app.CityURL = {app.TORu; app.OTTu; app.MISSu; app.BRMPu; app.HMLTu};
%Join Cities and URLS
app.CityLgd = [app.CityName app.CityURL];
%Index Cell Array for Search Term
app.s01 = app.geosearch;
app.s02 = app.CityLgd(:,1); = strcmpi(app.s01,app.s02); = find(;
app.index =;
app.sURL = char(app.CityLgd(app.index,2));
app.WeatherCANLinkEditField.Value = app.sURL;
The following code is what I have for completing PART 2 (returning the text from the weather report):
url = app.sURL;
code = webread(url);
app.RetrievedDataTextArea.Value = extractHTMLText(code);
However, it seems to fail with each trial. Is there a way to code the GUI to return text from an external HTML page?
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Chedi Mbaga
Chedi Mbaga 2021년 2월 10일
편집: Chedi Mbaga 2021년 2월 10일
Many thanks for the guidance @Mario Malic! I'll be sure to visit the link.

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Sourabh Kondapaka
Sourabh Kondapaka 2021년 2월 10일
The below code can be used as a reference for extracting the data about temperatures:
url = '';
data = webread(url);
tree = htmlTree(data);
pTags = findElement(tree,'p');
textContent = extractHTMLText(pTags);
As @Mario Malic suggested please go through the blog post.
Documentation links:
Similar questions have been answered in the community:
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Chedi Mbaga
Chedi Mbaga 2021년 2월 10일
Thank you so much @Sourabh Kondapaka for the assistance! I had been grappling with this challenge for a while and the code you provided offers the exact functionalities I was looking for.

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