Failed to Launch Gazebo Simulation Environment

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Van Chuong Nguyen
Van Chuong Nguyen 2021년 2월 1일
댓글: shengqi xu 2021년 2월 27일
Hi all,
I am following this post to perform co-simulation between Simulink and Gazebo
I am using Virtual Machine to launch Gazebo Simulation Environment
After I open a terminal in the VM, run the following commands to launch the Gazebo simulator.
cd /home/user/src/GazeboPlugin/export
export SVGA_VGPU10=0
gazebo ../world/ --verbose
Then I got the following error:
Unable to parse model.config for model[
I checked this error in many website sources but still not figured out.
I'd highly appreciate if you can give me some insights to fix this issue.
Thank you so much!
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shengqi xu
shengqi xu 2021년 2월 27일
same question, and then i used "Gazebo subscribe block" to subscribe the topic that i published in gazebo(Ubuntu), the "block" can not get any topic from gazebo, although i could see all the topic in ubuntu "gz topic -l"

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Gaurav Bhosale
Gaurav Bhosale 2021년 2월 2일
편집: Gaurav Bhosale 2021년 2월 2일
Hi Van,
The shipped VM contains older Gazebo version and RAM is limited to 2GB.
Can you please try following two things,
1] Upgrade Gazebo version to latest ( mostly 9.16 )
sudo apt-get install gazebo=9.16
2] Change RAM to 4GB from VM settings.
Please let me know, if you still face same issue.
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Van Chuong Nguyen
Van Chuong Nguyen 2021년 2월 4일
Thanks Gaurav,
I just tried sudo apt-get install gazebo=9.16, but it shows
E: Unable to locate package gazebo
Do you know why? Thank you.

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