Looking for good alternative to "ActionScript" from Adobe

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I am new to Matlab and have not had an opportunity to use the software since taking your course in 2019 until now. I have a web application (php, html, javascript) being served to users from a linux server. Yesterday I discovered that my charts, created using Adobe ActionScript no longer work, so I need to find an alternative programming language to do them and I thought of Matlab. Current "internet" searches indicate Matlab should work and integrate with php from the server side. I plan to experiment with php and Matlab but need to know if I have to use other toolboxes etc, or is my standard license and software good enough. I will search your site further to find examples and a best way to do this. Any tips that might help bring me up to speed quicker. Until I find a workable solution, I will have to disable the tools in my application that server charts back to users.

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Anmol Dhiman
Anmol Dhiman 2021년 2월 5일
Hi David,
The following links will be helpful for your search
Hope it Helps

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