Combine (overlap) two diffrent variables

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Carl Holmquist
Carl Holmquist 2021년 1월 25일
답변: Gaurav Garg 2021년 1월 28일
need help to find overlap two diffrent variables (find where the values ar the same) xdate (180 values one row) and xdate_month (288 values on row). The two variables contain matlab numbers for date and starts and end with:
xdate: [NaN.....730867......735827.....NaN] ther are some NaN in the end and in the start
xdate_month: [726848.......735583] no NaN values.
When l have the overlapping values, x I can plot x with a y1 and y2 variables (y1 variables are observed gross primary production (GPP) values and y2 are modelled GPP on the same plot.
thanks in advance!
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dpb 2021년 1월 25일
Look at
doc ismember
doc intersect
and friends...

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Gaurav Garg
Gaurav Garg 2021년 1월 28일
Hi Carl,
In addition to the functions mentioned (intersect and ismember), the following pseudo-code can be helpful -
for i=1:size(xdate):
for j=1:size(xdate_month):
if xdate(i) == xdate_month(j):

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