How can I create a loop using date form ?

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Arthur Melo
Arthur Melo . 2013년 4월 17일
date=0002042013; end_date=0802042013;
I need to create a loop that starts with the date and finish date in this end_data after running hour by hour!
I thought I would create multiple loops, but that's not very nice, I think there is a specific function but do not know which. I will be very grateful for any help.
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Jan 2013년 4월 17일
It is not clear, what "date=0002042013" exactly means. Number do not have a leading zero, strings need surrounding quotes.

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Leah 2013년 4월 17일
Not sure if this is the range you wanted, but you can change start and end date to what you like
start_date='2/04/2013 0:00'; end_date='2/04/2013 8:00';
%use matlab datenums
cellstr(datestr(date_array)) % display in date format
Also, do not use "date" as a variable name. It is a function in matlab to return the current date
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Leah 2013년 4월 18일
I think that's what you want where HH is the two digit military hour

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