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Calling python while program execution in matlab

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Sajjad Asefi
Sajjad Asefi 22 Jan 2021
편집: Sajjad Asefi 22 Jan 2021
Hi there,
I would like to run my matlab code (assume in a for loop), and during each iteration of that loop call a python code and again come back to matlab.
Is such a thing possible?
P.S. consider the following simple example
for k = 1 : 7
% send "k" to python and pause matlab code
% execute python code (for example the code sends back weekday from python to matlab) and continue the code
Please provide a simple example (wether from python side to connect with matlab or wise versa).

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ES 22 Jan 2021
Please try Python Engine for MATLAB.
What you intend is fully achievable.

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Sajjad Asefi
Sajjad Asefi 22 Jan 2021
Thanks for the answer, but do you have any idea how shall I pause, and after python code execution, continue it?! I mean can you please provide a simple example

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