How to prepare input for the MUSIC DOA algorithm using real world audio signal (NOT simulation)

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tachung chi
tachung chi 2021년 1월 15일
답변: Priyanka Rai 2021년 2월 2일
I am working on using the MUSIC algorithm to calculate DOA of ultrasonic sound input. I have the configuration of the microphone array and the number of microphone is 7. Therefore, the received audio signal would be something like [7xN] in real values, where N is the number of samples collected in a fixed time duration.
Now, I am able to define the phased.URA object using the array configuration (microphone spacing, positions..and so on). The problem is: I do not know how to convert the input signal into the matrix generated by the collectPlaneWave function in the demo. Specifically, the output of collectPlaneWave is a complex matrix while my audio input is a [7xN] real-valued matrix.
Thanks in advance!

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