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shuffle and partition in training, validation and testing of a multi-label combined dataset

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Claudio Eutizi
Claudio Eutizi 2021년 1월 15일
답변: Srivardhan Gadila 2021년 1월 30일
I want to train a Faster R-CNN with 224x224x3 images that are log-scaled mel spectrograms from the UrbanSound8k dataset
The data is already labeled with rectangles.
here's my code:
%% imds* are M x 2 tables, 1st column 'imageFileName' 2nd 'label_name' with [x,y,height,width] of the rectangular ROIs
%% Dataset Extraction: Label tables combining
airConditionerLbl = imdsAirConditioner(:,2:end);
carHornLbl = imdsCarHorn(:,2:end);
childrenPlayingLbl = imdsChildrenPlaying(:,2:end);
dogBarkLbl = imdsDogBark(:,2:end);
drillingLbl = imdsDrilling(:,2:end);
engineIdlingLbl = imdsEngineIdling(:,2:end);
gunShotLbl = imdsGunShot(:,2:end);
jackhammerLbl = imdsJackhammer(:,2:end);
sirenLbl = imdsSiren(:,2:end);
streetMusicLbl = imdsStreetMusic(:,2:end);
%% Combining into boxLabelDs
blds = boxLabelDatastore(airConditionerLbl,carHornLbl,childrenPlayingLbl,dogBarkLbl,drillingLbl,engineIdlingLbl,gunShotLbl,jackhammerLbl,sirenLbl,streetMusicLbl);
%% extract imagesFileName from tables
airConditionerFiles = imdsAirConditioner.imageFilename;
carHornFiles = imdsCarHorn.imageFilename;
childrenPlayingFiles = imdsChildrenPlaying.imageFilename;
dogBarkFiles = imdsDogBark.imageFilename;
drillingFiles = imdsDrilling.imageFilename;
engineIdlingFiles = imdsEngineIdling.imageFilename;
gunShotFiles = imdsGunShot.imageFilename;
jackhammerFiles = imdsJackhammer.imageFilename;
sirenFiles = imdsSiren.imageFilename;
streetMusicFiles = imdsStreetMusic.imageFilename;
%% create the imageDatastore
imds = imageDatastore([airConditionerFiles;carHornFiles;childrenPlayingFiles;dogBarkFiles;drillingFiles;engineIdlingFiles;gunShotFiles;jackhammerFiles;sirenFiles;streetMusicFiles]);
%% combine the datastores
cds = combineDatastore(imds,blds);
I want to shuffle and split the data into training, validation and testing and I don't know how and where I can do it in this code.
Can anyone help me?
Thank you.


Srivardhan Gadila
Srivardhan Gadila 2021년 1월 30일
You can refer to the documentation of the functions partition & shuffle. For the list of other functions supported by the CombinedDatastore object you can refer to Object Functions of the CombinedDatastore.

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