XCP Parameter Granularity Error (TI C2000)

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Guido de Hek
Guido de Hek 2021년 1월 15일
답변: Aditya Padmanabha 2021년 9월 23일
I am executing a model on a F28388D controlcard from Texas Instruments using external mode simulation. External mode communication uses the XCP protocol (serial via XCP). I have noticed that when a signal of type boolean is converted to a signal of type double, a so-called parameter granularity error can occur. The specific error message I get is:
External Mode Open Protocol Connect command failed
Caused by:
External Mode Open Protocol SetParam command failed
XCP Master internal error: Parameter tuning failed. Size of tunable parameter is not a multiple of target address granularity
I am using Matlab R2020b.
Does anyone have a suggestion on how to solve this issue? Any form of input is greatly appreciated!
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Roberto Di Lorenzo
Roberto Di Lorenzo 2021년 6월 10일
I have the same problem. I don't understand why. I tried a different versions of TI C2000 code generator tools, but nothing changed.

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Aditya Padmanabha
Aditya Padmanabha 2021년 9월 23일
Hi Guido, Roberto,
The XCP external mode does not support data logging and parameter tuning of Uint8/int8 parameters for TI C2000 hardware boards. This limitation has been addressed from R2021a release. Since you are using R2020b release you can try to change the datatype of the parameters you want to tune in Simulink model to Uint16/int16 (ex. constant blocks) and similarly change the datatype of the signals sent to scope or display blocks for logging should be changed to Uint16/Int16.

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