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Not enough input arguments

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Ayberk Bulut
Ayberk Bulut 13 Jan 2021
답변: James Tursa 14 Jan 2021
x = input('What is the value of x ? ');
if(-1 <= x && x<= 1)
prompt = 'What is the value of N ? ';
N = input(prompt);
disp('Statement requires function1')
disp('Statement requires function2')
This is the main code.
If i give the value of x for example 0.2 the following output is:
And the function that main program is calling:
I couldn't find the problem that why the function i am calling can't execute it byself.
Because if run the quiz6_func1(0.2, 20) in the command window it gives the output.
Why it gives enough input arguments? Because on my workspace where i can see the values, i can see that N got the value i gave.

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James Tursa
James Tursa 14 Jan 2021
You need to call the function with the N input you just got from the user. E.g.,

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