import data from excel into matlab gives false date

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Locks . 2013년 4월 10일
hi, I have importet data from excel into matlab using the following code:
filename = 'vola_regimes.xlsx';
sheet = 1;
xlRange_d = 'C4:C132';
xlRange_dV = 'H4:H132';
date_SP = xlsread(filename, sheet, xlRange_d)
SP = xlsread(filename, sheet, xlRange_sp)
date_VIX = xlsread(filename, sheet, xlRange_dV)
VIX = xlsread(filename, sheet, xlRange_VIX)
That is working perfectly, but the problem is that range C4:C132 and H4:H132 are both dates. the import fuction didn't work ant therefore I changed the format in excel to general instead of date. then I am able to imporat the data, but from what I can see when I use the datestr function, matlab is not recognizing the data correctly and instead of 05.08.2002 it gives me 06-Aug-0102
Is there a way to change that?

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Leah 2013년 4월 10일
편집: Leah 님. 2013년 4월 10일
matlab and excel use different dates to as a starting reference. You just have to add 693960 to the excel date numbers
Excel: 1 represents 1/1/1900 12:00:00 a.m
Matlab: 1 represents 01-Jan-0000
SAS: 0 represents January 1, 1960
Legend has it that the founders of SAS wanted to use the approximate birth date of the IBM 370 system... cute, but annoying

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