reducepatch command in Matlab

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Huijuan Zhu
Huijuan Zhu 2021년 1월 7일
댓글: Srija Kethiri 2022년 5월 6일
I need some help with the reducepatch command in matlab, i want to reduce the patch face size so I have a model with smaller file size.
Does anyone know how I can do it?
I tried to define p as patch (x,y,z,c) and put reducepatch(p, 0.15), but it did not work.
Thank you
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Jan 2021년 1월 7일
Please mention, what "does not work" means. It is easier to help you, if the problem is clear.

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Srija Kethiri
Srija Kethiri 2022년 5월 6일
편집: Srija Kethiri 2022년 5월 6일
It is my understanding that you have created a patch ‘p’ and want to reduce its faces.
As you are using the command reducepatch(p,0.15) it reduces the faces of your original figure to 15%.
To better understand the command, you can refer to the following documentation about reducepatch command:
To get more information about patch, you can refer to this document:
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2022년 5월 6일
0.15 would not reduce "by" 15%, it would reduce to 15%
Srija Kethiri
Srija Kethiri 2022년 5월 6일
Sorry for the error, I have rectified it.

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