what is i in the answer?

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Si So
Si So 2021년 1월 6일
댓글: Si So 2021년 1월 7일
I don't know what is i in the answer of my script. Complex number? how can I simplify it? I need to get rid of i.
syms x(t) s
Dx = diff(x(t),t);
ans =
- (s*laplace(x(t), t, s - 1i)*1i)/2 + (s*laplace(x(t), t, s + 1i)*1i)/2 - laplace(x(t), t, s - 1i)/2 - laplace(x(t), t, s + 1i)/2
Thank you for helping me
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Si So
Si So 2021년 1월 7일
but in mathematics, it can be defined:
I am solving an ODE by laplace method. So x(t) is the variable of differential equation.

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