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append sections of column by n rows to subsequent column

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Kevin Mikami
Kevin Mikami 2021년 1월 5일
편집: Kevin Mikami 2021년 1월 5일
i have a 1032x1 single column matrix where i need to move every 43 rows to the next column and so on, with the first section to be appended starting at row 44
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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza 2021년 1월 5일
You can use reshape()
v; % 1032x1 vector
M = reshape(v, 43, [])
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Kevin Mikami
Kevin Mikami 2021년 1월 5일
ds_ge = tabularTextDatastore(location,'FileExtensions',{'.csv'},'SelectedVariableNames',...
rgeData=reshape(geData, 43, [])
Error using tabular/reshape (line 215)
Undefined function 'reshape' for input arguments of type 'table'.
Error in collate_don_test (line 30)
rgeData=reshape(geData, 43, [])

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