Sorting array by datetimes does not work

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Tycho Maas
Tycho Maas 2021년 1월 4일
댓글: Tycho Maas 2021년 1월 7일
I need to sort my array, notSorted.mat, by datetimes as strings. The code I use for this is the following:
[~, idx] = sort(datenum(notSorted(:,2), 'dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm'), 1, 'ascend');
sorted = notSorted(idx,:);
However, this does not work. Some values are still not correctly sorted. Does anybody know what went wrong?

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Mischa Kim
Mischa Kim 2021년 1월 4일
Convert to and sort the table:
T = sortrows(cell2table(HR_date_time_strings),2)
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Mischa Kim
Mischa Kim 2021년 1월 5일
The code runs fine with R2020b. What release are you working with?
Tycho Maas
Tycho Maas 2021년 1월 7일
It works now, somehow my MATLAB decided that after restarting it worked again...

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