Error when opening a new figure

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Ran Peiser
Ran Peiser 2021년 1월 3일
답변: Ran Peiser 2021년 2월 17일
I recently moved to R2020b (update 3 on macOS)
When I open a new figure I get the following error:
Error using figure
Unrecognized function or variable 'figue'.
Error while evaluating Figure CreateFcn.
The figure opens and performs well, but I get this error message each time.
Any suggestions?

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Ran Peiser
Ran Peiser 2021년 2월 17일
The issue was due to the fact my path contained a deployed application.
Apperntly from R2020a and on the deployed applicartion contains a copy of the source code and this somehow causes this error.
By removing the folder containing the deployed application from my path the issue was solved.

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Mischa Kim
Mischa Kim 2021년 1월 3일
Hi Ran, in the error message it says that 'figue' is not recognized. There may be an 'r' missing (to make it 'figure'). If this does not fix your problem please share your code in your question.
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Ran Peiser
Ran Peiser 2021년 1월 3일
I notices the typo in the error message.
I just type 'figure' in the command window and get this error every time.
Also when calling figure in any script.
The typo is only in the error message, not in the code
Mischa Kim
Mischa Kim 2021년 1월 3일
All right, then share your code.

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