Generate Code for MATLAB using ImageJ

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birdnerd007 2021년 1월 1일
편집: birdnerd007 2021년 1월 1일
Hopefully I can explain this properly --
I have a JPEG file of a graph. On this graph are 10+ lines/curves. I don't have the data that was used to produced these lines/curves, but I want to create code for the graph in MATLAB.
My question: Is there a way I can use ImageJ and MATLAB together to both measure the existing JPEG image and then extrapolate MATLAB code from that? In the end, I would like the user to access a drop-down menu (or slider, doesn't matter) to view 1 or all lines with MATLAB.
Is this possible?
Edit: If this is possible with just MATLAB, that is fine, too!


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2021년 1월 1일

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