"Error using plot, Value not a numeric scalar"

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Seth Antoch
Seth Antoch 2020년 12월 21일
댓글: ozan ongun deniz 2022년 1월 11일
clc, close all
c=12.5; % kg/s drag coefficient
M=70; % kg mass
g=9.81; % m/s^2 gravity
delta_t=0.1; % s time step
t=0:delta_t:12; % s time overall
x=0:500; % m displacement
for i=2:n
c1=(x(i+1)-x(i))/delta_t; % first der central
c2=(x(i+2)-2*x(i+1)+x(i))/(delta_t.^2); % second der central
y1=c2+((c./M).*c1)-g; % central difference
f1=(x(i+1)-x(i))/delta_t; % first der forward
f2=(x(i+2)-2*x(i+1)+x(i))/(delta_t.^2); % second der forward
y2=f2+((c./M).*f1)-g; % forward difference
b1=(x(i)-x(i-1))/(2*delta_t); % first der backward
b2=(x(i+1)-2*x(i)+x(i-1))/(delta_t.^2); % second der backward
y3=b2+((c./M)*b1)-g; % backward difference
hold on
hold on


the cyclist
the cyclist 2020년 12월 21일
편집: the cyclist 2020년 12월 21일
The LineWidth parameter should just be the number 2 (without quotes), not the character '2'.
After that, you are going to run into the problem that in your for loop, you are not creating a vector y1. You are instead overwriting a single scalar value of y1 in each iteration of the loop.
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ozan ongun deniz
ozan ongun deniz 2022년 1월 11일
You are a miracle. Thank you so much :) :)

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Asad (Mehrzad) Khoddam
Asad (Mehrzad) Khoddam 2020년 12월 21일
it should be y1(i), y2(i). or y3(i)

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