Plotting elements of a matrix versus elements of another

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I have two m x n matrices. I want to make a scatter (well, a STEM really) that plots the 'x' value in index i,j of the first matrix against the 'y' value in index i,j of the second matrix. I'm just drawing a blank here...I feel like there is a simple way to do it without a loop, but I'm pretty new to Matlab. Any suggestions?

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Sven 2013년 4월 5일
Ryan, does this do what you wanted?
X = rand(10,10)
Y = X^2
figure, stem(X(:),Y(:))
The (:) operator will basically flatten any sized matrix into a column vector.
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Ryan Magee
Ryan Magee 2013년 4월 5일
Gah, of course. Thank you so much, that was a huge help!

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