How to detect target in grayscale image?

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I'm working on image-processing by MATLAB with image-processing toolbox.
What I would like to do is "Detect line mark" on grayscale image, but it is not easy for me.
Because the intensity of each pixel of mark is not stable. For example, the value of a pixel is around 70 and another is near maximum vaule(255).
So, I cannot detect all pixcel just by using threshold. (ex. more than 200)
I already implemented "imadjust" to improve histgram, however, it was not enough.
Could you give me some advice to detect all or almost all of pixels as a part of mark, that is, as white part after an image was conveted to binary image?
Thank you very much for your hep in advance.
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Thank you very much for your quick reseponse.
However, I'm sorry I cannot share it because it is confidential one.
Is it possible to give me some advice to detect target?
I will attach one slide which explains my image.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2020년 12월 13일
Since you won't share your image, all I can do is to refer you to my Image Segmentation Tutorial:
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Hide 2020년 12월 13일
I'm sorry about that.
Thank you for sharing this link. I will search something available for my treatment.

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