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How do i round to two decimals without zeros at the end

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Kamil Kacer
Kamil Kacer 2020년 12월 10일
댓글: Kamil Kacer 2020년 12월 11일
Hi I just want to keed 2 decimal places without those zeros shown at the picture what do I do please I tried round

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Jon 2020년 12월 10일
편집: Jon 2020년 12월 10일
I think this might do what you want
fprintf('Dog detected at second %0.2f\n',idx(:))
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Kamil Kacer
Kamil Kacer 2020년 12월 11일
I agree i should hava assing it to some meaningfull name.
I multiplay all frames by 0.1 so I get seconds
0.1 is a step is in which window gets shiftted every iteration.

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