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Power Spectral Density from Time Domain Signal

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Subhradeep Pal
Subhradeep Pal 10 Dec 2020
댓글: Subhradeep Pal 12 Dec 2020
I have a time domain signal whose PSD is required to be calculated. When I am using the new command "phaseNoiseMeasure" in MATLAB R2020b, it is showing an error message related to vertcat. I have attached the screenshot of the error message.
I have attached the code and corresponding MATLAB code with this post. Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.


Hiro 10 Dec 2020
There has been an improvement in that function:
You should check the release note.
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Subhradeep Pal
Subhradeep Pal 12 Dec 2020
I have checked the release note. But still no solution to the mentioned problem.

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