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training "large scale" neural network

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Ning Luo
Ning Luo 2020년 12월 9일
답변: Srivardhan Gadila 2020년 12월 18일
I am learning to train a neural network to get good regression results (curve fitting). I have matrix size of 3600*1000 as input, and my output is 1*1000. So each sample in the input has 3600 parameters. According to some credible reference tackling similar problems, I am using 1 hidden layer with 50 neurons. I am using "feedforwardnet" function. I would like to ask what's the reasonable step/choice of choosing a training function, and parameters setup? What's the good place to look at for detail information on selecting training functions and setting up properties for large scale problems?
Thank you all in advance.

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