Simulink scope not display signal name

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Brian Tremaine
Brian Tremaine 2020년 12월 7일
댓글: Thomas Gros 2021년 12월 15일
I have a Simulink scope module and it does not display the signal name beyond plot #5 (Simulink 2020b)
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Thomas Gros
Thomas Gros 2021년 12월 15일
Hi I had the same problem. Delete the existing Scope and put a new one instead. Reconnect the wires and that's it.

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Shraddha Jain
Shraddha Jain 2020년 12월 14일
Hi Brain,
I understand you are facing issue with getting title name for all the signals in the scope output in R2020b. However, I have checked at my end and there is no problem with displaying the title for any number of input signals at the scope block.
I suggest you adjust the dimensions of the sector plot box so that it matches the dimensions of other plots.


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