Simulink HDL-Coder: Vector input External Port

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Tobias Schindler
Tobias Schindler . 2020년 12월 7일
댓글: Tobias Schindler . 2020년 12월 15일
I want to use vectors as the input for my Simulink Subsystem from which I generate HDL-Coder by using the HDL-Coder. However, this returns errors from the HDL-Coder.
Suppose I have a input signal with 6 boolean values which I group by using a mux (or what . I input them into the HDL-Coder block and use for-each subsystems to do things.
If I want to make the input port to "External Ports", the HDL-Coder throws an error.
Is it possible to use Vectors as the input of the top level sub-system for HDL-Code generation? I can remember that there was a change that made this possible but I am unable to dig this up in the documentation.

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Aman Vyas
Aman Vyas 2020년 12월 15일
Yes there are some blocks which support both vectorisation as well as HDL Code Generation. If those blocks are used within the subsystem for hdl code generation be it be verilog, or VHDL that should work fine without throwing any error in HDL Coder Workflow.
But, if blocks which are used that do not support vectorisations (like HDL Counter) and then if input to them is vectors then in that case they would be throwing error.
Try working with hdllib on commands and then that blocks support hdl code geberation.
Also you can convert bus to vector and vice versa if that helps.
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Tobias Schindler
Tobias Schindler 2020년 12월 15일
To reiterate: the question regards using vectors as external input ports of the subsystem that is used for hdl generation. This model below throws an error that this is not allowed, yet I struggle to find documentation regarding the limitations of the HDL-Coder for this topic.
I could turn the input signal to ufixd(0,3,0), but I want to use a "for each" subystem inside (not shown) which in turn would require some nasty tranfsormation from ufixd(0,3,0) to a vector using slice down inside of the subsystem.

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