GPIO Block in Embedded Coder Support Package for TI C2000 Processors has pins only till GPIO34

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In the embedded coder support package for TI C2000 processors library, under C2802x devices, the GPIO block configures pins only till GPIO 34 as shown below.
However, for processors in this series, I find that there are GPIO's 35, 36, 37 and 38. I've attached the pin diagram of 2802x processors below.
How do I use GPIO's 35, 36, 37 and 38, when I'm building code from MATLAB?

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Sukrut Tamhankar
Sukrut Tamhankar 2020년 12월 9일
Please refer to the section "9.9.10 General-Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) MUX" in the following datasheet:
In the table "9-31. GPIOB MUX", you can observe that peripheral selections for GPIO35,36,37,38 are "Reserved" that means there is no peripheral assigned to this GPxMUX1/2 register setting and hence those GPIOs can not configured. Please refer the below screenshot for the same.
Also, if you select GPIO Group as "GPIO8~GPIO15" in the C2802x GPIO Digital Output Block in Simulink, you will get an option to select only one GPIO in that range which is GPIO12 as all other GPIOs are reserved.
I hope this information resolves your query.

A Preetham Venkatesh
A Preetham Venkatesh 2021년 4월 8일
편집: A Preetham Venkatesh 2021년 4월 8일
Please find the screenshots below:
I have highlighted some statements that suggest otherwise. Please let me know whether these pins can/cannot be programmed via MATLAB alone.
Please find the documents that I have taken the screenshots from:
Page 15 ->
Page 106 ->




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