French keyboard with Simulink Online

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Jean-Luc DUROU
Jean-Luc DUROU 2020년 12월 2일
답변: Yili Pan 2021년 7월 2일
When I use Matlab Online, my keyboard works fine (french azerty keyboard).
But when I work with a Simulink model online, my keyboard works like a qwerty keyboard ! It's not very useful when I work with stateflow diagrams.
Is there any solution for this problem ?
thank you.


Jean-Luc DUROU
Jean-Luc DUROU 2020년 12월 23일
Solved :
My browser is Firefox 84. I tried with Google Chrome, Brave and Microsoft Edge, and all of them works fine...
So I won't use Firefox anymore for Matlab Online.

Tarunbir Gambhir
Tarunbir Gambhir 2020년 12월 23일
편집: Tarunbir Gambhir 2020년 12월 23일
Glad to know you found a workaround to your problem.
Just to let you know, Simulink Online currently has a limitation for not working properly with non-QWERTY keyboards. It is a known issue that our developers are aware about and will try to fix in future releases.
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FATIH GUNDOGAN 2021년 5월 15일
Same issue here... I want to put a minus sign, but I can not...

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Yili Pan
Yili Pan 2021년 7월 2일
Please see the post here for non-QWERTY keyboard support: How to set keyboard layout for Simulink Online?
French and German keyboard are supported in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge out of box.


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