Unable to acquire the live (streaming) video h264 over rtsp of my ip camera using the “IP camera acquisition” package on Matlab2020b

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I am unable to acquire the live (streaming) video of my ip camera using the “IP camera acquisition” package.
(1) Operating System: MacOS Big Sur (11.0.1)
(2) Matlab version: 2020b
(3) Installed package: IP camera acquisition packages
(4) Camera type: Dahua DH-IPC-HFW2431TP-ZAS
I would like to capture live video from my camera using the rtsp link with H264 codec. I did a lot of testing, but never managed to capture the video stream. The rtsp links I used are (7):
rtsp: // 554/live
Both of these links placed on any browser open VLC correctly and the video stream is regularly captured.
Camera data:
IP address:
admin: admin
password: admin1993
RTSP port: 554
Resolution: 1080p (I also tried 720p and other formats)
Bit rate: 4096 kbit / s (I did different tests with different rate)
Below I have reported some of the tests carried out:
cam = ipcam('rtsp://admin:admin1993@')
cam = ipcam('rtsp://admin:admin1993@','admin','admin1993')
cam = ipcam('rtsp://','admin','admin1993')
cam = ipcam('rtsp://')
I also tried to do some tests by changing the 'Timeout' time but to no avail:
cam = ipcam('rtsp://','admin','admin1993','Timeout',30)
The error generated is always the same:
Cannot connect to the IP Camera Stream URL. Make sure the URL is correct and authentication is provided if needed.
I have read the PDF guide on the MATLAB website several times and I believe I have made all the correct configurations: https://it.mathworks.com/help/pdf_doc/supportpkg/ipcamera/ipcamera_ug.pdf
Can anyone help me to solve this problem?
I thought it was a codec problem or camera settings everything seems fine. I also leave attached a photo of the characteristics of the video stream.
Many thanks in advance
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Lorenzo Giannini
Lorenzo Giannini 2020년 12월 10일
Thank you so much for the answer @Walter. The Network Utily Tool is no longer available for MacOS Big Sur. But I try this experiment with nmap command inside the terminal (Homebrew). The result is as expected, the ports communicate correctly.

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Lorenzo Giannini
Lorenzo Giannini 2021년 2월 12일
편집: Lorenzo Giannini 2021년 2월 12일
After contacting support I was able to figure out what the problem was:
"Unfortunately, MATLAB do not support cameras having only digest authentication yet and currently there is no workaround available for this limitation. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this brought to you.
Our developers have plans to support this feature in one of the future releases. I have added you into our notify list, so you will get updates once this feature is published in one of the future releases."
Joey Wang from support
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Yafei Wang
Yafei Wang 2021년 3월 26일
Hi, Lorenzo Giannini. I have also encountered this problem listed above, and tried every solution like you but failed. Fortunately, this sentence of "Unfortunately, MATLAB do not support cameras having only digest authentication yet " enlightens me. Such being the case, why not to change the RTSP Authentication of IP cameras to basic authentication. Take HIKVISION IP camera (DS-2CD4024F or DS-2CD3T25) for example, in the camera's web interface, we can set the RTSP Authentication to digest/basic, and ipcam() can work well. Thank you for your information posted above.

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Victor Zaccardo
Victor Zaccardo 2021년 2월 11일
Were you able to solve this issue?
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Lorenzo Giannini
Lorenzo Giannini 2021년 2월 12일
The problem is that, the cam requires “digest” authentication scheme, but the ipcam library (Matlab) can only provide “basic” authentication scheme.
Hope can help you

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MathWorks MATLAB Hardware Team
MathWorks MATLAB Hardware Team 2022년 9월 20일
The MATLAB Support Package for IP Cameras now supports "digest authentication" from R2022b release.


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